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I can't believe how fast the Christmas holiday is
coming.  Wasn't Thanksgiving just a few weeks
ago?  Time seems to quicken with advancing age.
As a child, it seemed forever until the holiday
season arrived.  Anyway, the season is keeping
the newsroom busy--and that's a good thing.  At
least I still have a job.  I wish I had it in my power
to get those unemployed back to work.  Meanwhile,
I'll be able to sandwich in some needed antenna work
before the weekend. I will be restringing the vertical
this Saturday, since the combination of salt air, rain,
and insect damage is destroying the #14 gauge wire
attached to the 33' fiberglass mast.  The insulation is
slowly degenerating under the tropical sun.  This project
has been on the back burner for a few weeks.  Follow-
ing the maintenance, I'll work a few hours on the Swan
100-MXA--mostly cleaning pots and blowing the dust
off the case.  The circuit boards appear in good shape,
so everything should be up to speed by Saturday evening.
Most likely, I'll just make a few casual contacts and relax
a bit with the J-38 key on the lower 25kHz of 40 meters.
Have a good weekend, protect yourself on the highway,
and have some egg-nog for those of us in Hawaii.  Aloha,
73 de KH6JRM.


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