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'Just about time to wrap up the news cycle for today
in the KKBG-FM/KHLO-AM newsroom. Then,
it's home to the shack for some casual operting before
calling it a day. I'm still working on the under the
house NVIS loop.  The wire has sagged a bit since
I attached it to the undercarriage of the qth.  With
142' of 18-gauge wire, the antenna can work any-
thing from 40 to 10 meters.  Admitedly, the arrange-
ment works best on 40 meters (mostly local contacts
out to about 300 miles).  But, with the 450-ohm feed
line, I can get some service on the higher bands.  The
backyard vertical is still a work in progress.  It works
alright, but a few more counterpoise wires will help
deliver a better signal.  Like the NVIS loop, the 33'
foot vertical is fed with homebrew twin lead and seems
to keep the Drake MN-4 ATU and the old Swan 100-
MX happy.  Currently, I'm using a single tuned counter-
poise wire.  I've garnered many contacts with this im-
provised skyhook...Of course, better performance can
be gained once I install a better ground system.  That
seems to be the limiting factor in verticals erected over
limited real estate.  So, once I get the household chores
done, the lawn mowed, and the trash dumped, I can
focus on making the antenna more efficient.  Even with
10 to 20 watts of power, the antenna does a fairly good
job.  I usually don't go much higher, since I'm running off
a solar-powered deep-cycle marine battery.  Nothing
fancy, but it works.  Enough pontificating for now. 'Til
next time.  Aloha es 73 de KH6JRM.


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