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The K3MT "Grasswire Antenna". Post #233

How would you like to use what I call the "ultimate stealth antenna" at your deed-restricted location?  While I was doing some research for antennas at my new home location in the Puna District of Hawaii Island, I came across a fascinating article by Mike Toia (K3MT).  Over 20 years ago, Mike designed, built, and used something called the "grasswire antenna" which would serve as a  nearly invisible, yet effective antenna while he traveled from his various jobs.  Although the antenna appears to be a lossy dummy load on steroids, the data revealed by Mike show that this unusual antenna does work--not as well a dipole or a yagi, but it does get contacts in difficult operating situations. The antenna is ridiculously simple to build and use.  Mike says his design "is an end-fed, longwire antenna that is laid right in the grass."  This would be perfect for those amateurs that have restrictive HOAs and CC&Rs prohibiting outdoor antennas. Mike's origi