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Zero-Five Vertical Antenna Setup at KC9FFV's QTH. Post 1862.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: Here's another fascinating vertical antenna installation.  This time, KC9FFV shows us how he installed and tested his Zero-Five 43 foot/13.109 metre antenna on his property. An interesting note is his use of a chain link fence as part of his ground radial system.  I would have preferred a few more ground rods or some ground radial wires spreading out from the antenna base.  Apparently, KC9FFV gets good results from this installation, so the metal fence apparently helps to create a suitable ground or counterpoise system for this installation.  Other than this minor quibble, this installation is neat, well-planned, and effective. For the latest Amateur/Ham Radio news and information, please visit these websites: (a weekly podcast which is updated each Fr