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YES! you need an antenna tuner. Post #1397.

If you can't see this video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: To use or not to use an antenna "tuner" with your HF antenna--that question has bothered generations of radio amateurs as they try to squeeze out maximum performance while reducing SWR and RFI as much as possible. According to this video's producer, Joe Laulima, there are several instances where an antenna "tuner" will improve station performance even if the antenna is resonant.  Joe goes against prevailing wisdom by saying "Yes! you need an antenna tuner" if only to compensate for environmental, space, grounding, and location issues--problems that can degrade any antenna. Although Joe prefers to use "tuners" to maximize antenna performance, he's quick to note that these matching and coupling devices can't fix every antenna issue.  According to Joe, "An antenna tuner DOES NOT fix a non-