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Winter Field Day Ham Radio Field Communications. Post 1712.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: While most radio amateurs are well-acquainted with the challenges of the annual ARRL Field Day in the last days of June, not many of us are prepared to face the rigors and survival conditions presented by winter conditions.  Julian (OH8STN) is among those who believe hams must be prepared for emergencies in all kinds of weather, including the snowy and freezing conditions of wintertime. In this well-made video, Julian show us how he prepared for the Winter Field Day, conducted in January 2018.  According to Julian, radio amateurs should be ready for emergency or portable operations at any time, regardless of season.  He feels "deploying in what is easily the worst time of year for many operators around the world..." is needed "to test ourselves, our gear, our communications effectiveness, and our ability to thrive in conditions