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Winter Field Day 2018 After Action Report. Post #1370.

If you can't view this video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: A short while ago, I reported on how Julian (OHJ8STN) was preparing for The Winter Field Day event.  In that video, Julian outlined what was needed to survive and operate an Amateur Radio Station in a severe northern latitude (above 65-degrees north). In this update of that adventure, Julian provides an excellent after-action report showing the benefits of planning, the practicality of using a "go-kit" for portable operations, and how to maximize your operational efficiency in an extremely cold environment.  Julian does an outstanding job of describing how to design, build, and use a "go-kit" for field operations.  Julian's suggestions can apply to many climatic situations, especially when he discusses the importance of pre-planning, pre-testing of equipment, and emergency procedures in extreme climates.  It's perha