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So Sad. Observations from Larry Makoski (W2LJ). Post #655.

So Sad ( Accessed on 11 January 2016, 18:01 hrs, UTC . Author:  Larry Makoski (W2LJ). Every once in a while, I find an interesting and somewhat disturbing article related to those leaving amateur radio because of severe peer pressure to become someone other than themselves. Larry Makoski (W2LJ) does an excellent job of examining this phenomenon as he reacts to news of another radio amateur leaving the hobby because he can't measure up to the expectations of others.  Larry calls this situation "sad", and I agree with him. Your enjoyment of amateur radio doesn't depend on having the biggest station, the latest rig, or an expansive " antenna farm ."  As some of the comments to this article suggest, it's what you put into amateur radio, your interests in the "radio art", and the ability to serve your community in times of emergency that makes the real difference in becoming a radio ama