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WB3GCK's Field Day Antenna Inverted L (80M-10M). Post #1081.

WB3GCK's Field Day Antenna Inverted L (80M-10M) ( Accessed on 25 March 2017, 21:25 hrs, UTC . Author:  Graig A. LaBarge (WB3GCK). Please click link or insert the title URL into your browser search box to read the full article. Comment: Here's another great ARRL Field Day antenna that is simple, portable, and inexpensive.  This easily-made inverted L from Craig (WB3 GCK) will get you on the air quickly with a decent signal covering the 80 meter through 10 meter Amateur Radio bands . Constructing this classic antenna is fairly easy, with most materials available at the nearest hardware or building supply store.  In this case, Craig's antenna uses a 26-foot/7.826 meter Jackite pole to support the vertical section of the antenna, while a convenient tree limb supports the 27-foot/8.231 meter horizontal element.  Craig uses four ground radials, 2 measuring 16-feet/4.878 meters and 2 measuring 32-feet/9.756 meters.  A 4:1 UN