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W2LI Magnetic Loop Antenna. Post #1211.

W2LI Magnetic Loop Antenna ( Author:  W2LI. Accessed on 05 August 2017, 21:05 hrs, UTC. Please click links or insert title URL into your browser search box to read the full article. Comment: Over the past few months, I've republished several videos and articles about magnetic loop antennas from the worldwide Amateur Radio community. Whether they be commercially made or homebrewed by radio amateurs, magnetic loops have allowed those with restrictive housing arrangements (HOAs and CC&Rs) to enjoy both HF and VHF/UHF radio operations again.  Magnetic Loop Antennas are easy to set up and break down, making them ideal for portable, emergency, and home use. While I enjoy making my own HF antennas, I can see the need for a sturdy, easy to assemble antenna for those of us lacking the resources for antenna parts or have little skill in designing and building antennas.  This is where products, suc