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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Top Five Get-On-The-Air Quickly Ham Radio Antennas. Post #853

Top Five Get-On-The-Air Quickly Ham Radio Antennas ( Accessed on 01 August 2016, 19:13 hrs, UTC. Author:  Don Keith (N4KC). Please click title link or title URL to read the full article. Here's another fascinating and enlightening antenna article from Don Keith (N4KC). In this essay, Don describes five easily- made, simple, and inexpensive antennas that will get you on the air quickly after you've passed your amateur radio license exam.  These antennas can be made from locally available materials or from parts bought from the nearest hardware or home improvement outlet. You won't need expensive test equipment or tools to design, build, and use these basic HF antennas. All you need is an inquiring mind and the willingness to invest a few hours in making something that will work the first time. Don provides a simple formula for designing your antenna and outlines the pros and cons of each antenna in the article. Accord