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The half square wire antenna on 10 MHz (and more). Post 1740.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: Australian ham Peter Parker (VK3YE) shows some of the capabilities of his homebrew "Half Square Antenna" for 10 MHz and above.  A half square antenna is a wire antenna with two vertical radiators fed in phase.  One vertical element (1/4 wave length) is fed at the top where it's attached to a SO-239 connector. The other side of the SO-239 is attached to a horizontal half wave phasing line, then connected to another vertical element (1/4 wave length) aiming at the ground.  Thanks to some help from a nearby Australian beach, Peter was able to make contact with EA8YT/M on 10 MHz, another station on 14 MHz, and finally an EA station on 7 MHz.  As Peter suggests, you can set up your half square antenna with the help of two telescoping fiberglass fishing rods (squid poles) For the latest Amateur/Ham Radio news and information, please vi