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KH6JRM's Amateur Radio Blog

As the news cycle comes to a close in the KKBG-FM/KHLO-AM newsroom, my thoughts are turning to a relaxing drive home, a daily walk with the XYL (about 2-4 miles depending how ambitious both of us are), a good home cooked dinner, and some time with the trusty Swan 100-MX and my basic, but workable "antenna farm".  All of my rigs have been given the monthly cleaning and other necessary maintenance needed to keep them functional.  The older rigs are fun to use, but one must keep them maintained, since spare parts are getting scarce and expensive.  The antennas are a no-brainer, considering what I use to keep them up and running.  My biggest challenge is keeping one step ahead of Hawaii's salt air, vog, and heavy rains.  This trio can ruin a homebrew antenna is just a few weeks.  But thanks to co-ax seal, electrical tape, and some home-brew plastic enclosures, I manage to keep most of the moisture out.  Coax takes a real beating as well--not only from the elements but also fr

KH6JRM's Amateur Radio Blog

For the first time in almost a month things are quiet in the KKBG-FM/KHLO-AM newsroom.  The earthquake/tsunami recovery effort in Japan and the ongoing Middle East crisis have dominated the news cycle for weeks.  Eventhough these topics are still in the daily news, other topics are beginning to lower the priority of March's disasters. Like many communities across the nation, fund raising efforts continue for Japan on Hawaii Is- land.  The support will be needed for months, may- be years as the situation develops.  Japanese hams are doing an excellent job of filling in communications gaps or coordinating recovery efforts where required. Hawaii Island is rebuilding, too.  Most of the tsunami damage has been cleared from business and residential areas.  The state has applied for federal disaster relief funds to cover some of the $14 million in estimated tsunami damage.  Whether Hawaii gets any of the requested funds is unknown, given the current economic condition o