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Simple Ham Radio Antennas: Getting Around HOA Antenna Restrictions. Post #332

Here's another idea for an antenna system in a restricted housing area (HOA). This ham used a LDG S9V31 telescoping fiberglass mast vertical with 24 ground radials using CAT 5 cabling. He raises the mast from ground level when he uses it and lowers the mast when he is done. The vertical is colored green so it blends in with the surroundings. It also helps that he knows when HOA inspectors make their rounds. Not a perfect solution, but it works for this amateur radio operator . Of course, the best solution is not to live in a home governed by HOAs or CC&Rs. That option, however, is being reduced every time a new housing development opens for business. So, finding a home with no antenna restrictions is getting more difficult by the day. For most of my amateur radio "career", I've had to operate under restrictions, so, I'm aware of the difficulty of getting a decent antenna built without the housing police coming down on you. I've used indoor ant