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Simple Ham Radio Antennas: Rain Gutter Antennas. Post #383.

Rain Gutter Antennas : Rain Gutter Antennas ( from Greg Danes, KJ4DGE on February 22, 2015 View comments about this article! Rain Gutter Antennas Pic courtesy of N6CC website By Grey Wolf I got this idea about writing about my antenna because I had one once in the condo that worked very well down to about 40 meters. First YOU have to use a tuner! Mine was a MFJ “travel tuner”. Very simple and the system worked for me. I ran a open length of coax cable to the aluminum gutter and to a screw at the base, no ground was used as this caused noise on the feed line. It was really resonant at 20 meters and higher. I made my first European contacts on 15 or 17 meters using the gutter antenna. The whole length was close to 125 feet in an inverted “U-shaped” configuration. Since I could not turn the condo around with a rotator it worked a nice North-South path. It also worked greyline East-West fairly well also making contacts in NM, NV, WA and CA.