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Portable Ham Radio Antenna Deployment. Post 1761.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: Portable operations in the great outdoors can be a true invigorating experience if you plan ahead.  One of the main problems with going to the "field" is launching your antenna.  Although there are all kinds of homemade and commercial devices to put your long wires, dipoles, and inverted Vees over or through surrounding trees, I've found a simple slingshot, some monofilament fishing line, a used fishing reel, and a collection of clasps and sinkers the simplest way to position your antenna. In this video, N0KTZ uses a 3.0 Magnum Slingshot and some commonly available fishing gear to launch an effective, simple portable antenna.  N0KTZ's chosen location is approximately 12,000 feet/3,658.5 meters above sea level and presents a stunning backdrop for a weekend of impromptu operating in the "field". The video is a well-pr