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Simple Ham Radio Antennas: a basic 20 meter portable antenna. Post #299.

Shortly after the passage of Tropical Storm Iselle (07-08 August 2014) through Hawaii Island, I rebuilt part of my damaged antenna farm with a simple, cheap, and portable 20 meter vertical antenna that could be used at home or in a portable or emergency situation. I adapted the design presented by W0ZF by making it suitable for a permanent operation at the QTH. I used a 33-ft/10.06 meter MFJ telescoping fiberglass mast secured to the edge of my garage. The center pin of my RG-8X feedline was attached to the vertical element, while the coax braid was attached to the garage's 30-ft/9.14 meters by 16-ft/4.87 meters metal roof using a stainless steel nut/bolt and a battery clip. The roof connection was coated with a caulking compound and varnish to protect the attachment point from the weather. The antenna works very well on 20 meters. My old Drake MN-4 antenna transmatch (tuner) can make this antenna work on 15, 17, 12, and 10 meters with a low SWR. The video is well-done an