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Newton's Guide to Technical Excellence. Post #769.

Newton's Guide to Technical Excellence. ( Accessed on 09 May 2016, 03:34 hrs, UTC. Author:  Howard Walker (KI4VEO). This somewhat "tongue in cheek" look at the pitfalls of buying ham radio equipment is "spot on."  Just reading some of Howard's cautionary notes and observations makes me remember some dubious radio purchases made in years past.  I found items 1 through 5 and 8 through 11 most common from my experience.  Please note some of the incisive comments from other radio amateurs at the end of Howard's article.  This well-done analysis of the radio buying act reads like a guide to "Murphy's Law".  I suppose all of us have fallen to at least one of the "truths" in this article. What I can never figure out is why a reputable radio manufacturer, such as ICOM, discontinues a decent rig like the IC-7200 after a short run, and opts for new designs with numerous flaws.  What comes to mind