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New Portable Antenna Covers 60m Band. Post #1196.

New Portable Antenna Covers 60m Band ( Accessed on 21July 2017, 20:30 hrs, UTC. Source: Please click link to read the full article. Comment: Now that the 60 meter band (5 kHz) is available in many countries, SOTABeams is now producing a version of its popular Band- Hopper Antennas to include 60 meters.  According to SOTABEAMS, the "Midi-Hopper" is a full-sized antenna that covers 60 meters, 40 meters, and 20 meters.  The antenna includes a balun, feeder, and guying for a 7 meter/22.96-foot telescoping mast. For more information on this new antenna, please contact SOTABEAMS at the URL listed at the top of the article. For the latest Amateur Radio news and information, please visit these websites: (a weekly podcast updated