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N4KC's TOP-FIVE GET-ON-THE-AIR-QUICKLY ANTENNAS ( Author:  Don Keith (N4KC). Accessed on 30 September 2017, 2125 UTC. Please click title link or enter title URL into you browser search box to read the full article. Comment: I ran across this fascinating article by Don Keith (N4KC) while I was searching for some new antenna ideas.  In this article, Don discusses five basic, easily-made antennas that will get you on the air quickly with a decent signal suitable for both DX and casual contacts.  According to Don, these simple, effective antennas are easy to build and use readily available materials. Here are the top five get-on-the-air-quickly antennas: The half-wave wire dipole. The doublet with parallel feed lines. The quarter-wavelength vertical with ground radial system. The horizontal loop. The original G5RV (a great antenna for the 40 and 20 meter bands). Don does an excellent job of describing the theory, design