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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Ladder Line. Post #929.

Ladder Line ( Accessed on 22 October 2016, 20:25 hrs, UTC. Author:  Harold Milton (KV5R). Please click title link or insert title URL into your browser search box to read the full article. Comment: Harold Milton (KV5R) has written an excellent article on the benefits of using ladder line to feed multiband HF antennas.  If you can erect only one antenna that must cover several amateur radio bands, then this well-crafted essay is for you. Harold breaks his tutorial into several easily-understood parts: Why use ladder line? Antenna mythology (efficiency, swr, line loss, coax vs ladder line). Tuner and Balun loss myths. Ladder Line myths. Preferred wire for making ladder line. How to make your own ladder line. Spacing and impedance. Preferred ladder line lengths. Feed through options. Lightning protection. This article is a basic antenna reference document that belongs in your reference library. For the latest Amateur Radio