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Installing ground radials. Post 2132.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your search box: A quarter wavelength vertical HF antenna needs a good ground radial/counterpoise system to work efficiently.  The ground radial system supplies the "missing half" of the antenna. Installing a decent ground radial system can be challenge.  In this video, Rodney Spenser (AE7QT) shows the steps he used to install the ground radial system for his vertical antenna.  While labor intensive, the finished product produced excellent results for Rodney. Here some of his observations: "Another eveloution in the 43' (13.109m) vert antenna I installed. For now the wire up the pole is about 35' (10.670m) long, this may change soon. So glad to be able to bury my radials, no more tripping on them, no more rolling them up to mow or when I'm off to work. Slow and steady on this project, but its coming along. 73 Alpha Echo 7 Quebec Tango Upd