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How To Build A Dipole Antenna. Post 1878.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: If you need a simple, inexpensive, and efficient HF antenna for the upcoming ARRL Field Day, why not build this "classic" half-wavelength horizontal dipole? In this video, Kevin (N6VLF) reviews almost everything we know about designing, building, tuning, and using this basic antenna.  You can configure the dipole in any number of ways, including the inverted vee, the half-wave sloper, and even a vertical (if you have a very tall support).  You can easily convert the dipole into a multiband HF antenna with the addition of a balanced feed line, a sturdy wide-range antenna "tuner", and an appropriate current balun.  If you follow Kevin's suggestions, you'll have a fully functional, efficient antenna for Field Day in a matter of a few hours. This video would make an excellent presentation for your club or for the ne