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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Ham Radio--How To Make a Frame Aerial for the Medium Wave. Post #1002.

Ham Radio--How to make a Frame Aerial for the Medium Wave ( Please click link or insert title URL into your browser to read the full article. Author:  John Allsop (G4YDM). Accessed on 05 January 2017, 05:35 hrs, UTC . Comment: John Allsop (G4YDM) has a fascinating website, which includes many interesting and simple projects that will enhance your enjoyment of Amateur Radio (see In this article, John reaches back to a classic antenna design from the early 1920s which still produces amazing results in receiving signals on the standard broadcast band (medium wave) and on the 160 meter Amateur Radio band, a set of frequencies close to the upper reaches of the AM band .  This simple receiving loop can notch out noise and align itself for the best reception of broadcast and ham radio signals.  Radio amateurs who experiment on the often noisy 160 meter band will find John&