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Ham Radio HF Antenna For Limited Space, Post #1546.

Ham Radio HF Antenna For Limited Space, Post #1546. Author:  Claude Jollet (VE2DPE). Accessed on 06 July 2018, 2050 UTC, Post #1546. According to Claude Jollet (VE2DPE), it's possible to erect an efficient half wave length HF dipole antenna without the usual space requirements.  By carefully adjusting the configuration  of a dipole, you can squeeze nearly full dipole performance into a restricted space without losing much in the way of performance. To do this, Claude recommends three simple HF dipole models which are easy to make, efficient, and inexpensive: The "Full Slope" Dipole.  Just cut the HF Dipole to the desired length and suspend one segment on a tall structure, such as a homemade mast or nearby tree. Run the other antenna element to a convenient support stake near ground level.  The transmission line should be routed at a 90-degree angle from the sloper for at least a 1/4 wavelength.  The antenna