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Field Day the Simple Way. Post #1130.

Field Day the Simple Way ( Author:  Charlie Pitchford (N4QET). Accessed on 14 May 2017, 06:40 hrs, UTC. Please click title link to read the full story. Comment: I always look forward to the ARRL Field Day emergency communications exercise.  The event allows me to practice my cw and SSB skills, to help erect antennas, to encourage new operators to get on the air, and to socialize with members of the Big Island Amateur Radio Club.  This year, Field Day occurs on 24-25 June 2017. Although I try to attend my club's Field Day activities, there are times when prior commitments keep me at work or at home.  In these cases, I have a portable antenna, solar panels, batteries, and a good tent to keep me covered while I grind out a few contacts as a 1B (single transmitter, portable) station from my back yard. This year, a variety of home projects and family commitments will keep me home, operating solo from the back yard while my fellow club