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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Electronics-Notes. Post #968

Electronics-Notes ( Accessed on 01 December 2016, 01:25 hrs, UTC. Author:  Electronics-Notes (UK). Please click link or insert the title URL into your browser search box to read the full list of articles. Comment: "Electronics-Notes" provides clear and concise radio and electronics tutorials for you to learn electronics online.  This website can be used in conjunction with a basic amateur radio licensing class. The website is divided into several easily understood sections: Basic electronics concepts Testing and Test Equipment Electrical components radio Ham Radio Constructional Techniques Audio-visual concepts Antennas Propagation Becoming an engineer Radio and Electronics History Morse Telegraphy History This guide will serve as a basic introduction to electronics and amateur radio. For the latest Amateur Radio news and information, please visit these websites: https://oahuarrlnews.wo