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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--The Double Bazooka Antenna - A Review

If you're having trouble viewing this video, please enter this URL into your browser search box: This is post #998 in a continuing series on "Simple Ham Radio Antennas." The Double Bazooka antenna is a worthwhile project whether you make one yourself or buy one from an Amateur Radio outlet. In this video, Bob (VK3BVW) reviews the popular double bazooka antenna made by IAC Antennas ( The antenna performed well on both 80 and 40 meters.  Bob does an excellent job of explaining the theory, design, and operation of this classic antenna.  If you can't build one yourself, contact IAC Antennas for more information. For the latest Amateur Radio news and information, please visit these web sites: (breaking news for radio amateurs ). http://hawaiisciencedigest.