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Simple Ham Radio Antennas: Don Wallace W6AM 1984. Post #345

I'm afraid the title of this post is a bit misleading...nothing about Don Wallace's (W6AM--SK) life was simple. He lived a huge life and was one of the top DX chasers of all time. Until his death, he operated a multiantenna "farm" from the old Press Wireless site overlooking Palos Verdes, California. As a youngster, I remember his "booming" signal into Hawaii during the day. As this video shows, his station was better equipped and maintained than most commercial AM stations of that time. In this video from the California Radio Historical Society, Wayne Overback interviews Don Wallace for the PBS series "Radio Collector." The highlight of the interview is a tour of Don's mammouth antenna system. Nowadays, the antenna site once used by Wallace is now a condo development. I learned a lot about dedication and determination from viewing this video. I wish I could have met Don Wallace face-to-face. He sounded like a truly unique individual