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Basic DX tips. Post #260

One of my favorite pursuits in amateur radio is chasing DX (distance) contacts with hams living or visiting in remote places of the world, be they small nations, islands, or even mountain tops.  Each contact is a small adventure to a place I may never see. For the dedicated contester or DX enthusiast, there are many attractive awards (i.e. DXCC , WAS, WAC, etc.) to pursue. I'm more of a "casual" DXer , squeezing in contacts when house building or part-time teaching permit.  For those moments when I'm free of family responsibilities, I enjoy listening and working exotic, far off places.  Since I live on Hawaii Island , I'm often the "target" of DXers...a task I thoroughly enjoy. During my 37 years as an amateur radio operator, I've experienced both the joy of making a rare contact and the frustration of losing some elusive call in a rush of QRM.  Such is the DX experience. There must be an easier way of making DX contacts than wading through a