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DIY folding VHF/UHF discone antenna. Post #1615.

If you can't view the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: Here's a simple, inexpensive, and sturdy discone antenna that you can build at home and use in a variety of portable and emergency situations.  According to "SurvivalComms" this compact, field deployable VHF/UHF is broadbanded and will cover up to 1 GHz without significant SWR problems. The folded discone antenna kit weights only 28 ounces and uses about 30 feet of RG-58 coaxial cable as the feed line. The entire assembly can be carried in a small nylon bag.  Make one of these antennas for your "go-kit" or use as a standby antenna at your home. For the latest Amateur/Ham Radio news and information, please visit these websites: (a weekly podcast which is updated each Friday afternoon). https: