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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Center Connector for Dipole Antenna. Post #993

Center Connector for Dipole Antenna ( Accessed on 26 December 2016, 19:30 hrs, UTC . Author:  Michael A. Maynard (K4ICY). Please click title or insert title URL into your browser search box. Comment: Often times, the weakest part of your dipole antenna is the center connector. Depending on the materials used for the center support, the connector may be subject to extreme stress from holding up the weight of your long HF dipole and from the accumulated effects of severe weather . Although you can buy commercial versions of center connectors, it may be cheaper and more instructive to "roll your own." In this well-written article from Michael A. Maynard (K4ICY), we learn a simple, nearly foolproof method of making a center dipole connector that will survive  severe weather and support the weight of your full length dipole antenna. Although Michael calls the project "advanced", a little patience and attention to