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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Antennas: How many do I need? Post #780.

Antennas: How many do I need? ( Accessed on 19 May 2016, 21:04 hrs, UTC. Author:  Bob Witte (K0NR). This well-written article was prompted by a question raised in a Technician License Class Bob was teaching.  The question is far from simple, because it involves the type of operating a new licensee wishes to pursue.  Of course, Bob is correct when he says, "You can never have too many antennas." But, for the newly licensed ham, that question boggles the mind.  Bob answers that question by focusing on a few basic antenna parameters: What bands do newly licensed hams want to explore?  If the answer is VHF/UHF, FM simplex, and FM repeaters, then there are a few good choices, including the Diamond X-50A, the Comet GP-3, and the Arrow Open Slot J-Pole. If the new license wants to add HF to the mix, he/she can chose from a wide selection of wire antennas, such as a multiband dipole, an end-fed wire with tuner a