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Antenna Comparison For SOTA

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box. This is post 2486 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas. Thanks to Charlie (NJ7V) and Gaston (KT1RUN) for this interesting test of three popular VHF SOTA (Summits on the Air) antennas. Once you finish the video, you'll have an excellent idea which SOTA VHF antenna works best, considering weight, set up procedures, and operating convenience. Here are some general comments from Charlie and Gaston: On this Summits on the Air activation I'm joined by Gaston KT1RUN from TheTechPrepper Youtube Channel. We hopped in his jeep and drove to the base of Blackjack Point, then we hike the short distance to the top. I had previously lined up a few people to help me run some tests (unscientific and unempirical) on the three antennas I use most often for SOTA activations - the 3 element Yagi-Uda, the Roll-up J-Pole and the stock rubber duck. I also check out Gaston's setup, and believe