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Simple Ham Radio Antennas. A field-deployable 40-10 meter inverted V antenna. Post #275.

GOING TO THE FIELD FOR FUN AND SERIOUS BUSINESS Considering the amount of natural and human-made disasters making headlines this year, every amateur radio operator should have a "go-kit" should it be necessary to support your community in times of emergency.  Once you have this kit, practice using it so it becomes part of your support package. A "go-kit" should be portable, easy to set up, and contain the necessary equipment to get an amateur radio station on the air for emergency service.  Your emergency kit should also contain sufficient food, water, clothing, medical supplies, and personal items to last at least three days--more days if you can squeeze more stuff in your vehicle. So, with this in mind, I took inventory of the "back up station" I alway take with me in my Honda Odyssey van.  The station is simple and functional.  I schedule several portable operations each year to test out the equipment and my ability to operate in the field.  In

Simple Antennas for Field Day

FIELD DAY ANTENNAS The ARRL's traditional Field Day Emergency Communications Exercise begins shortly.  For Amateur Radio operators in the state of Hawaii, the fun begins this Saturday at 0800W and ends Sunday at 0800W...a full 24-hours of emergency operations, a near contest atmosphere, and, most of all, outrageous fun!. This year, the Big Island Amateur Radio Club will use the grounds of the beautiful Wailoa Visitor's Center in Hilo.  The site is open to the public and is covered in case of summer rains.  Although the club will be running 2A Pacific with solar and generator power, there is commercial AC available for the evening and morning meals.  Ah yes, the food.  As was the case last year, club members will prepare something at home and bring their surprises to the center.  I'll be bringing a case or so of soda and fruit juce to keep the operators fueled throughout the long, sticky night.  Once I get through with the drag races at the Hilo Drag Strip (I'm the

Simple Antennas for the Amateur Radio Operator--a continuing series

What kind of antenna will you be using during the ARRL Field Day (23-24 June 2012)? If you will celebrate the event by going to a club site on that Saturday and Sunday, you may be using anything from a tribander on a portable tower to phased verticals and everything in between.  One of the enjoyable aspects of Field Day is using antennas that you may never be able to afford or build.  Also, your club may be using state of the art transceivers, solar power, or even wind- generated power for this communications exercise.  One never knows what operating system will present itself when you take your place facing a new rig or a new logging system.  That is part of the thrill associated with Field Day. I will be lucky this year.  The normal 2-day summer drag race set for that day has been shortened to one day, which means my tower announcing duties will be brief.  I will still have time to meet members of the Big Island Amateur Radio Club that Saturday night at Hilo's Wailoa Visitor