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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--ABCs of SWR, VSWR, Reflected Power and Return Loss. Post #826.

ABCs of SWR, VSWR, Reflected Power and Return Loss ( Author:  Mike Hendrickson, "Radio World Engineering Extra." Please click title link to read the full article. Comment: Thanks to "Radio World" and to broadcast engineer Mike Hendrickson for this excellent, easily understood, and concise explanation of Standing Wave Ratio, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio, and Return Loss. Although this article is focused on the needs of professional broadcast engineers, there's plenty of good information for radio amateurs.  Mr. Hendrickson provides a helpful series of diagrams, equations, and superb photographs to illustrate the complexities of standing waves and how they affect transmitter and antenna performance. An understanding of SWR and VSWR is necessary if we are to operate our amateur stations efficiently and safely. Mr. Hendrickson has also created an excellent pres