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A radial plate for cheapskates. Post #1287.

A radial plate for cheapskates ( Author:  Bill Savage (K3AN). Accessed on 21 October 2017, 2055 UTC, Post #1287. Please click link to read the full article. Comment: I've always enjoyed designing, building, and using "homebrewed" 1/4 wavelength vertical antennas. In the past, my ham radio shack has been located in areas where a full-length dipole antenna is impractical, especially for 80 and 160 meter operations. Vertical, sloper, and inverted vee configurations have worked well, considering my limited horizontal space. While building vertical antennas is educational and often fun, finishing the necessary counterpoise or ground radial system has proven to be tedious and time consuming. One way to deploy a ground radial system without much fuss is to use a metal radial plate as a connecting point for your vertical antenna counterpoise or ground radial system.  Several manufacturers make and sell these ground plates, and most