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A 30 Meter Inverted Vee Antenna. Post #234

The Thirty meter amateur radio band extends from 10.100 MHz to 10.150 MHz.  This sliver of the rf spectrum offers plenty of space for the die-hard cw fan as well as plenty of contacts for those into the various digital modes.  The operators who populate this band are generally friendly and willing to help out those unsure of the digital frontier.  You'll find plenty of action with PSK31 and RTTY as well.  Antennas for this band are simple and inexpensive.  While thirty meters is a good night time DX band, there are some interesting day time opportunities as well, especially towards sunset.  Besides, a few hours on thirty meters will give you some new contacts and an opportunity to improve your cw speed. So, let's build a simple antenna for this band.  I built an inverted vee for thirty meters last weekend after I finished clearing some brush from my new home site in the Puna District.  I chose the inverted vee option because I had a spare fiberglass mast in my garage and did