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2m Yagi for SOTA. Post # 1090.

2m Yagi for SOTA ( Author:  Matt (K0MOS). Accessed on 04 April 2017, 00:25 hrs, UTC . Please click link or insert title URL into your browser search box to read the full article and to see the accompanying video. Comment: The Summits on the Air (SOTA) program has grown considerably over past few years, with more radio amateurs than ever strapping on their packs to make contacts from nearby peaks.  Lightweight gear and simple  antennas are a must. However, not all antenna designs that look good at ground level can actually stand up to the rigors of backpacking to high peaks. Although the 2 meter Yagi antenna used by Matt (K0MOS) did the job, it practically fell apart when he used it atop a tall peak.  The video record of Matt's antenna adventure in the mountains is a cautionary tale for all of us depending on a few pieces of wire to maintain communications. As one responder to his article mentioned, Matt would hav