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1.25 meters, 220 MHz Ham Band, What is it? Who uses it?

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: If you're overwhelmed by the QRM, obnoxious operators, and rogue repeaters on the 2 meter (146 MHz) amateur radio band, why not try the much underused 220 MHz band?  In this well-constructed and conversational video, "HamRadioConcepts takes us through the basic theory, operations, equipment, and antennas necessary to use this VHF amateur radio band.  Radio amateurs in the United States nearly lost most of the band a few years ago when UPS successfully lobbied for use of 220-222 MHz for a GPS system which never was developed and marketed.  The old saying "use it or lose it"certainly holds true in the case of the 1.25 meter band.  Despite the loss of this chunk of frequencies, radio amateurs still find this band immensely helpful as 2 meters and 70 cm fill with more repeaters and increased QRM.  The video does a good job of sh