Vertical Antenna Step-By-Step.

Here's one of the easiest to understand Vertical Antenna tutorials online.  Michael Martens (KB9VBR) does an excellent job from design to final product in the well-paced video program.

As an added bonus, Michael shows us how to incorporate the highly-rated "Wolf River Coil" into the overall design of this antenna.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box:

Here are some comments and suggestions from Michael (KB9VBR):

We go 'Back to Basics' with the vertical antenna. I take you through the parts and setup of the Wolf River Coil Vertical Antenna System and show it in use at Cross Plains State Park, WI (POTA K-1448). As a bonus, patrons can view the full, unedited video of my Parks on the Air activations. Visit my page on Patreon for details: I do return QSL, if you made a contact with me and would like a QSL, please send me one. Return postage not necessary, but always appreciated. As they say, KB9VBR is 'good in the book.' ** Learn More About ** Loading Coil Bypass for the Wolf River Coil:    • This little wire ...   Better Ground Radials for Vertical Antennas:    • Better Ground Rad...   Window Screen Antenna Ground Plane: Video:    • Window screen ant...   36x84 inch Bright Aluminum Window Screen: Feather Flag Base: Wolf River Coils: MFJ-1979 whip: Chameleon SS-17 Whip: Jaw Mount Antenna Clamp: SO-239 stud mount for jaw clamp: Like what you see? You can leave me a tip: KB9VBR VHF/UHF Antennas: Become a patron! Unlock exclusive content at: Support Ham Radio Q&A by shopping at Amazon: Timestamp 00:00 Introduction 00:21 Vertical Antennas 00:49 Wolf River Coils 01:54 Whips 03:52 Jaw Clamp Mount 04:35 Feather Flag Base and stake mount 05:30 Coil Bypass 06:53 Coax and Ground Radial network 08:39 Setting up the vertical antenna at Cross Plains State Park 09:15 15 Meter contacts 11:00 20 Meter contacts 14:28 Conclusion My Parks on the Air setup: Transceiver: Battery: Tuner: Folding Table: Throw Weight: Video Production Equipment: Camera Lens Wireless Microphone: Microphone: GoPro: Music by license: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases Contact Information: Questions, comments, or business inquiries may be directed to If you wish for your product to be featured on my channel, please contact me. #Hamradio #AmateurRadio #POTA #ParksOnTheAir #PortableHamRadio #wolfrivercoil #verticalantenna #sportyforty #silverbullet1000 #hamharder



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