New carbon fiber mast for Ham Radio.

If you need a heavy duty, durable, and stable antenna mast for your home or portable station, then please consider this carbon fiber mast reviewed by Sean (W9FFF)/the "Ham Radio Dude."

Sean goes into great detail about the structure and use of this portable antenna mast.  This mast would be particularly useful in areas that experience severe weather.

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Here are some comments from Sean (W9FFF):

Check out this New Carbon Fiber Mast from GigaDude! This mast was sent to me by myself for the purpose of an overview. Tell your favorite Content Creators you want them to review the GIGADUDE now! As of 5/172023, the rest of the masts have arrived. Once feedback is acquired from other masts, this product will be available at the normal price will be increased from the Beta cost currently seen on the website. at the moment, I'm working out to determine the cost. Didn't see this was available on time to be a Beta Tester? Subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications to be alerted of future products which may need Beta testers. Affiliate links, which means I make a commission off of some sales: Guy Wire Clamp (this would be ideal for Aluminum masts) South Bend Kwikstik (if you're looking for a small crappie rod) - From the website: What is it: a 25 foot carbon fiber mast which is collapsible to appx 70 inches. Each of the five sections clamps in to secure your mast at different heights. Weight - Under 3 pounds (Appx 2.8lbs) Clamps: Clamps allow you to adjust the amount of pressure each clamp provides to the mast. A word of caution, there is such thing as TOO much pressure, which may cause the plastic clamp to break. Diameter: Top OD (Outer Diameter) is approximately 22mm and the bottom OD is approximately 34mm. The very bottom of the Bottom section has a screw on/off cover, which does increase the OD Size (size coming later). The cover is glued on and could most likely be removed if needed (but not recommended) USE Perfect for Home use, portable/Parks on the Air use, Ham Radio Field Day events, JOTA (Jamboree on The Air), and other RACES/ARES type events. This mast is probably not hiking portable, although possible, it could be bulky. Why so expensive? I Can get xxxx Carbon fiber mast for less than 100 bucks!?!!?: Most likely you are looking at a Carbon fiber crappie pole that does have multiple sections, no clamps, and a very flexible top section. These were designed for fishing and could work for simple wire operation. The GIGADude 25 has way less flexibility at the top of the mast, it's stronger, and more durable than a crappie rod. This product has already been in a small BETA testing, and now is moving up to a larger BETA Market. What comes with this mast, do you have a 34 foot version, a 50 foot version?, Why don't you sell xxxxxxx?: Thanks for supporting Ham Radio Dude. I currently am only offering a 25 foot mast, called the GIGADude. I invested what I could into the one size carbon fiber mast. This was a size I felt would be good for a vast variety of people. In all transparency, I didn't want to invest minimum orders in 25ft, 34ft, 50ft, 17 ft masts if there's no interest in them. It's a large investment and what happens here will help determine where the sales channel goes next. Future models/versions I've considered: 12 ft (Kilo Dude) 17ft (MegaDude) , 34ft (TeraDude), 50ft (ZetaDude), 75ft (YottaDude), ???? What comes with this mast? Okay this is where it gets exciting, if you're still following. I've created Mast Toppers. These allow the mast operator to quickly install Hamsticks, Dipoles, EFHW's and more. The mast toppers being sent will be 3D printed. Max weight will most likely only support up to hamsticks. HOWEVER, you don't have to use the toppers. Additionally, there will be an update package available in the future to utilize these masts with a topper made with HEAVY DUTY nylon Myself and a few other licensed hams have been testing these toppers for over a year. The Heavy duty nylon toppers have withstood 60mph winds, 1/2 telescoping dipoles for 20 meters, multiple falls and much more. I MISSED the BETA Deal, can you please give me a discount!?! Do you offer bulk discounts?!: I cannot currently offer any additional deals, discounts, or giveaways for this product. Please understand, I have a lot invested in a concept which I don't know will work or not. As it is, I am attempting to keep the price on this product as low as possible.


Thanks for joining us today.

Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).



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