Finalizing and elevating my tilt over mast-part 2.

In part 2 of his tilt over tower and antenna maintenance series, Kevin (K7SW) completes the repair of his fan dipole antenna, removes damaged antenna parts, and elevates his tilt over mast to its full upright position.

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Here are some comments and suggestions from Kevin (K7SW):

In this continuation of our antenna maintenance series, we're moving to the final steps: finalizing the Fan Dipole HF antenna, securing the cabling, and raising the 40-foot tilt-over antenna mast back up. For new hams who may be unfamiliar with the tilt-over mast system, this will be valuable information as to how this system works. Tune in to continue enhancing your knowledge and ensuring your antennas remain in peak working condition. More videos of home brew tilt up masts.    • KG0ZZ's Amateur R...      • Tilt-Over Crank-U...      • DIY budget tilt o...      • Ham Radio HOA Til...      • Can you lift a 60...   🔹Tilt up base from gigaparts 🔹Alpha Delta-C Antenna Center Kit 🔹Mastic seal tape 🔹Coax seal 🔹15" Zip ties 🔹Bernz-o-matic Torch 🔹Copperweld antenna wire 🔹2500lb Capacity Winch Using my affiliate links in this description to purchase items seen in this video, costs you nothing more and helps to earn a small commission. Thanks for watching 👍

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Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).



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