How to build a 4:1 balun start to finish with Mike and Callum.

I've always disliked building baluns because of the often tedious details one needs to follow to finish the project correctly.

Ever since I watched this excellent, often entertaining video from Mike (M0MSN) and Callum (M0MCX), my mind has changed and I now want to tackle this project again.  The explanation and demonstration of building a 4:1 balun are both basic and easy-to-understand.

So, take careful notes and get ready to build one of the most useful antenna accessories you can add to your ham radio station.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box:

Here are some comments from Callum (M0MCX):

Mike and I built a 4:1 balun from scratch. Tag along, enjoy the banter and maybe even learn something! Callum (and Mike-M0MSN) Mike's channel is here:    / hollyend01   More videos:    • Antenna Modelling   Antenna Modelling    • Tips and Tricks   Tips and Tricks    • Antennas   Antennas    • Live Streams   Live Streams    • Commander World   My Stuff    • Foundation Training   Ham Radio Training


Thanks for joining us today.

Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).



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