How to make an Amateur Radio stealth wire antenna support

Thanks to Callum McCormick (M0MCX) for this easy way to get height for your stealth wire antennas. The secret is to buy a few "aluminum scaffold poles" for antenna support.

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This is post 2815 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas.

Here are some comments from Callum:

Great tip for getting stealthy height for your wire antennas. Particularly useful for folks who don't have trees strategically placed. Aluminium Scaffold Tubes slip inside Sail Board / Wind Surf Masts. Then you can paint to suit. Cheap, economical and structurally sound. Background: My name is Callum, callsign M0MCX. The whole DX Commander brand was a bit of an "accident" since I already have 2 day-jobs (I own a couple of tech companies). Everything I make, I use myself. My products are the answer to *my* problems so I made stuff that worked for me. I don't make gear that doesn't work and although I'm considered not short of a few dollars, I love the idea of making things economical, easy to build and as efficient as you can achieve on a tight budget (hey, I hate wasting money!). My store is here: and I ship (almost) worldwide. Russia seems to be too expensive however EU, USA, Canada and VK land still make my products economical when you include shipping. Hey. Did you know that you can help the others here by contributing your time to closed caption subtitles here: Enjoy your radio folks. Good luck. Callum. M0MCX. DX Commander Founder.


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