Top Loaded Vertical Antenna with Ground Tuning Unit

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This is post 2468 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas.

The importance of a good ground plane is amply demonstrated in this antenna experiment conducted by Australian radio amateur Peter Parker (VK3YE).

Peter does an excellent job of showing how a top-loaded HF vertical antenna coupled with a superior ground system (i.e. the ocean) performs.

For years I worked at a commercial AM broadcast station in Hilo, Hawaii that used a salt water marsh as its ground plane.  Although the antenna was quiet short for its frequency (180 ft/54.87 m at 850 kHz), the station had an exceptionally strong daytime and nighttime signal.

So, If you're forced to use a compromised vertical antenna, please try improving your ground radial or counterpoise system.

Here are some general comments from Peter:

Describing a ground tuning unit. A useful accessory if using vertical antennas with counterpoises such as pier railings. Video gives information on building on. Later on there's midday tests with 3.5 MHz QRP SSB contacts up to several hundred kilometres. PS: Like these videos? Wish to support this channel? If so please store this link to Amazon Shopping as a bookmark or favourite. Then when you buy something I receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you). Or check my books page to see if any appeal.


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