Best HF Antenna: The Monoband Dipole

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This is post 2467 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas.

Whether you are a beginning radio amateur or an experienced "old hand" on the ham bands, you can't go wrong with the "classic" HF monoband dipole antenna.

Dipoles, whatever their configuration, are easy to design, simple to build, and affordable.

In this video, Soul (DH7LM) says it's best to begin with simple, proven dipole designs before you branch out into more sophisticated and complex antenna projects.

The basic monoband HF dipole can be modified to cover several amateur radio bands if you use balanced feed line, a 4:1 UnUn, and a wide-range antenna "tuner."

Here are some general comments from DH7LM:

Overtime, I came to realize how important radiation patterns are - and how the classic monoband dipole shines here. Especially if you are a beginning ham radio operator, give it a shot before you try complicated designs!
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