Four Element Yagi Antenna for Ham Radio 70cm Band

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This is post 2449 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas.

If you want to add some extra "punch" to your 70 centimeter signal, you may want to consider this 4-element Yagi design from "Fuzz The Pi Guy."

With careful attention to element and feed line length, you could get as much as 8.5 dBi gain over a dipole antenna.

Be sure to create you elements and reflectors carefully. Reflectors should be a bit longer and directors a bit shorter than the driven element.

Here are some general comments from the builder:

More information on my website at =================================== Homemade copper antenna made from 1/2 copper and 3/8 soft copper for 70cm. Click the link to my website for antenna plans. #HamRadio #Antenna #Yagi


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