Building a balcony vertical dipole VHF antenna

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This is post 2419 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas.

Sometimes, our antenna ideas just don't work.  In this video from the "RadioPrepper" youtube channel, we see how a great design often fails because of an unexpected environmental situation.

This antenna was made to cover portions of the 6 meter amateur radio band, but failed to perform as designed.  The most likely suspect was the metal railing used to support the antenna. A wooden support (such as a chair) or some PVC pipe may have helped alleviate the issue.

Here are some comment from the builder:

Sometimes things don't work as planned. This antenna was supposed to work for the 6m FM band on 51.5MHz. It is actually a vertical dipole as a quarter wave antenna would have radials on the ground or at a 45deg angle for a 50 Ohm impedance. Disappointing results due in my opinion to the metal rail assembly in close proximity. What do you think? 3D design file: Get more content and help this channel:
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