7 Ideas For Indoor Antennas

Many radio amateurs face severe antenna limitations because of limited space or deed restricted housing (HOAs/CC&Rs).

Properly designed and built indoor antennas offer a solution to help you stay on the air, be it VHF/UHF or HF bands.

Here are seven indoor antenna designs compiled by the DX zone that could help you pursue Amateur Radio without interference from nosey neighbors or deed enforcement committees ( https://www.dxzone.com/7-ideas-for-indoor-antennas/):

Magnetic Loop Antennas

Magnetic Loop antennas can be a valid solution for apartaments operations. In this case we recommend QRP operations due to RFI and safety reasons


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Stealth Antennas

If you are not living in an apartament, but you have other kind of restrictions, you may be interested in hidden antennas alternatives.


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